What I’m Reading Right Now

Reading is my favorite thing to do. I take a book everywhere I go. To class, to work, the doctor’s office, airport, beach, etc. If I have a book in my purse I know I won’t be bored if I have to wait for long periods of time (or my cellphone doesn’t have service)

I like to read several books at a time, mostly because I see one sitting on the shelf and I am suddenly intrigued and have to start reading it right then. Summer allows me a little more time to spend enjoying books, so I am in the middle of a few:

Yes Please

Right now I am about 50 pages into Yes Please by Amy Poehler, and I can vouch that it is already hilarious. Poehler offers honest advice and inspiration from her own life and reveals she is just as normal as me or you. She talks about the “demon” that so often appears over our shoulders as we look at ourselves in the mirror. She claims that sometimes you just have to put it down by not allowing it too much space in your brain. Poehler tells us that she deals with the “demon” by sticking up for herself the way she would for a friend and telling it to “stop saying bad shit about her”. She also punctuates all this valuable life advice with witty humor that will actually have you cackling out loud to yourself (sorry to all my friends in the tanning salon, I swear I’m not crazy).

The Thread That Runs So True

This is actually an assignment for a history class and a re-read, but it’s just as enjoyable as any other book on my list. Jessie Stuart was an educator who spent time teaching, being a principal, and even superintendent. Throughout the novel, we see his beginnings as a humble school teacher in a one-room school, to how his passion for his career and area enriched his life and the lives of others. Stuart believed that teaching is the greatest profession, and learning the most important and worthy cause a person can take on. Written in rich detail, it explores the beauty of Kentucky as well as the dynamics of the people who lived there during his youth. Even if you aren’t a teacher, education major, or Kentucky native, this book is enjoyable to read as it really explores why learning is something we should never stop pursuing, and depending on who you ask it does a pretty good job of describing life in this part of the country.

Lost In a Book

Yes, this is published by Disney. Yes, I am 21 years old. I am halfway through this novel, and I love it. The Beauty and the Beast franchise has created quite a stir in the last few months, and after seeing the movie (which was a cinematic masterpiece, by the way) I had to pick up this book. Written by Jennifer Donnelly, Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book has been an amazing and enjoyable read so far. It takes place in the Beauty and the Beast universe and draws from the movie, but gives so much more detail and backstory for all of the characters. The story opens after Beast has just given Belle the library, and Belle soon finds a strange book called Nevermore that quite literally sucks her into a magical world of adventure. She is finally experiencing a world that is so much more than the “provincial life” she has desperately wanted to leave behind. Much like she always has, Belle has taken refuge between the covers of a book, but this novel might prove to be much more dangerous.

I really enjoy the more updated version of this classic Disney story not so much because of the romance aspect, but because of the new and more fleshed out character Emma Watson brings to the movie and Donnelly seems to create in the book. Belle is strong, bookish, capable, and intelligent. She isn’t a helpless character in either the book or film. She has self-respect and prizes an education over romance or marriage. This new Belle is an extremely refreshing take on Disney princesses.


If you’re like me, reading is my favorite part about summer break. I meticulously plan what I am going to read in advance… and then end up snatching whatever looks interesting off the shelves in the library or bookstore and end up reading 3-4 books at once.

Do you have a summer reading list? If so what are you reading? Comment below!



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