Our 2017 Travel Plans

The year is officially more than halfway over! 2017 has been a very productive and healing year for me. I really feel that I have grown as a person and learned a lot of things in these last 9 months. This year I wanted to be more grateful, spend more time with my friends, and finish my last fall semester of college strong. Another one of my biggest goals for the year was to travel more.

In May my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary by taking a trip. When planning, we struggled between staying on the beach in Georgia or going somewhere like Tennessee, which Austin enjoys because of its many tourist attractions. We decided to meet in the middle and take a trip to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. This trip was really awesome because we were able to stay right on Lake Eerie (which looks exactly like the ocean) and enjoy the amazing amusement park with record breaking coasters!

In July I took a trip with my best friends to Virginia Beach. This was an amazing experience, and something I know I will never forget. We stayed in a cheap hotel and walked to the beach, drank mimosas, and laughed the entire time. It was priceless.

In August Austin and I went with my family to Tennessee to visit my Uncle at their new home. We had a great time enjoying the lake views from his house, taking boat rides, and venturing into Pigeon Forge for an evening.

We’re finishing out the year strong with a weekend trip to NYC to check off one of my bucket list items, watching Phantom of the Opera. We also plan to scout out some great places to eat, visit Central Park and China Town, and maybe even make it to the top of the Empire State Building. Although we have both been to the city we really wanted to make another short trip to visit the places we haven’t had the chance to see before.

Some unsolidified plans include a trip to Las Vegas in December with my husband’s family and a study abroad trip in the early spring. During the trip west, we hope to visit the Grand Canyon, zip-line through the Vegas strip at night, and of course play on the slot machines. In addition to this, in early 2018 we plan to study abroad in either Ireland or take a trip to both Scotland and London. I am a senior and I have yet to study abroad with my university, so I thought there was no better time!

I love to travel no matter how short the distance, which is why I really made this one of my most important 2017 goals. I really wanted more out of this year, and to live intentionally and truly enjoy every day. As I get ready to sail off into the career world my aim is to work to live, instead of living to work. I hope I can always save the money and make the time to enjoy trips in the company of my favorite people.


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