Lifting Your Spirit After a Bad Day

Do you ever just want to scrap an entire day? as if were a piece of ruined paper you could trash?

Because I do. Sometimes I have days that are so intensely terrible I feel like going to bed just so I can wake up and face a brand new day instead of the crummy one I am dealing with. That’s harsh, but it is truth.

There are lots of quotes and mantras about what you should do or feel when you’re hurting inside, or the day has taken a turn for the worst. Personally, I find these pretty empty when I am at my lowest. Instead, I do a few of these things:

  1. I listen to my favorite songs| Sometimes I find the best thing you can do to lift the heaviness from your heart is to jam out to some tried and true favorites. Personally, I like to bring out my Red-era Taylor Swift album, or + by Ed Sheeran. Sometimes I even break out my Beauty and the Beast soundtrack. I drive, sing my heart out, and usually feel better afterward.
  2. I sit outside| I live in rural Kentucky, so there are plenty of opportunities to find a peaceful spot to enjoy the scenery. If you don’t live in a particularly scenic area, maybe take a visit to your local park during a slow time of day for some alone time in nature. I love to be outside just before dark when the crickets are chirping and the temperature is cool. It quiets my soul to look around at how sleepy the world is. Spending this time alone and in the quiet helps me put things into perspective.
  3. I go to bed early|This doesn’t sound like much of a solution, but when it’s an awful day I finish what needs to be done and then curl up with my dogs and husband to get my rest. The sooner you go to sleep the sooner a new day will dawn, and usually, everything is a little better in the morning.
  4. I make a plan to have a better day|A lot of my stress comes from procrastination. Sometimes I get so bogged down in laundry, school work, and other miscellaneous chores that I end up procrastinating all of them and having to do as much as I possibly can at the last moment. Sometimes this means spending my Friday night writing two papers and a newspaper article, which leads to panic and frustration. When I have a day like this, I try to think about how I can do tomorrow (or next week) better. I look at whatever has made my day go badly and think about how I can prevent or change that the next day.
  5. I think about the day or event in the big scheme of things|Sometimes a bad day is caused by a big event or change in your life. When someone has passed or something else terrible has happened, it takes a lot more than sleeping it off or listening to a couple of songs to cure a deep heartache. When I am overwhelmed with these emotions, I try to reason with why they may have happened. Maybe this friend came into my life to teach me something, for better or worse. Maybe this family member passed because they had fulfilled their life’s purpose, their story may have been short, but it had meaning. I try to look at everything within the big picture. It’s not always easy, but it is usually helpful and a way to find closure in the tougher things in life.
  6. I journal|Writing is a powerful outlet for me. I like to pour my heart out in a journal, I don’t do this often, but when I do I always walk away feeling lighter. Sometimes it helps me come to a conclusion and find clarity, other times it helps me find emotional relief. I find writing in a paper journal to be taxing, so I type my thoughts out in an online journal called Penzu. Maybe writing isn’t your creative outlet. If not there are many ways to express yourself that can be therapeutic. Some people prefer to color or draw, make music, or even play video games. I think finding a way to relieve stress and express yourself through a hobby is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

What do you do to de-stress after a bad day? Drop a comment down below!

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