My Favorite Blogs and Podcasts

When I moved into my own apartment after graduating high school I became really interested in home decor, cleaning, etc. So, of course, I logged onto Pinterest and obsessively pinned bedroom ideas and “How-To’s” on study habits and the best way to clean a bathtub until my eyes almost fell out.

Besides almost giving me carpal tunnel from clicking through hundreds of photos, Pinterest also led me down a wormhole. Here I found blogs and websites with everything from heartfelt advice for a college freshman to how to raise a dog as a single 20-something (which would eventually inspire me to get my own dog, Oliver!).

Reading how other people lived their lives was fascinating to me, and eventually led me to podcasts and youtube videos from these same content creators that entertained me when I was getting ready or riding the shuttle bus to my classes.

I am such a lover of blogs and podcasts simply because they are inspiring. No matter your age or interests, there is a blog or podcast out there for you. My husband, who is admittedly a huge nerd, listens to podcasts about Dungeons and Dragons and a plethora of other things that I don’t understand. But the point is, there’s something out there for everyone.

As a 22-year-old grandma, I love content about reading, cleaning, organization, home decor, planning, and fashion/beauty.

If you happen to have some of the same interests, here are some of my favorites:


1. Blair Blogs

This is my favorite of all time and what really got me into the whole word of reading blogs.  This site is perfect for young women who are interested in faith and slow living. However, it includes everything from trip planning advice, cleaning & organization, to advice for college students.

Blair writes in earnest about tough topics as well such as the struggles of finding your roots in a new community and loneliness. She also features monthly posts about some of her favorite things, where you can find recommendations on beauty and household products, and even podcasts and books 😉

2. Layered Indulgence 

This is a new find but has quickly become one of my favorites!

This blog is amazing for young women who are entering the career world or even those are still in college as it features tons of productivity hacks and networking tips. I have found everything from great podcast recommendations to tips on budgeting and saving money.


1. What Should I Read Next?

If you are a book lover you have probably read Ann Bogel’s popular blog Modern Mrs. Darcy. Though her blog is a wonderful resource for everything reading related, I love to listen to her podcast as she has a guest on every week. In each interview, she and the guest discuss 3 books they love and one book they hate, and Ann makes an effort to give recommendations based on their answers.

Each episode is so much fun as the conversation is so widely different depending on the guest. Some guests in the past included a professional woman who liked to read on her own but also with her young son, leading to some great YA books recommendations and interesting conversation about the importance of fostering a love of reading in children. Another episode featured two women who ran their own podcast and book club together where they often hosted dinner parties based on the novels they read. Ann recommended some great classic novels in this episode and explained why each might appeal to the reader.

Find Ann on her blog at

2. Style Your Mind

Created by author and self-proclaimed “girl boss” Cara Alwill Leyba, this podcast focuses on techniques for female entrepreneurs but can be useful to any woman in any profession as it covers a wide variety of topics and the occasional guest.

I listen to this podcast every morning (there’s a ton of episodes) and it is so inspiring. She has covered topics like how to network, how to deal with negative or toxic people in the workplace, body image, and self-care, but primarily focuses on creating a life that you love no matter what career you have chosen.

Listening to this every morning has been such a positive and uplifting experience. I feel ready to take on the day and capable of dealing with whatever comes my way. This is a strong woman with style who has navigated her way through the workplace as a female and came out on top as her own boss. She teaches listeners to be confident and take their lives to the next level and to be kind and supportive of others at the same time.

You can also find Cara and more inspirational content at her blog


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Do you have any blog or podcast recommendations? Drop a comment down below!


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