The Sunday Reset (For a Better Week)

During the past year, I have finally discovered the key to having a better week: the “Sunday Reset”, as I like to call it.

(If you’re interested in the post that inspired this one and some great productivity tips check out Layered Indulgence!)

I used to spend my weekends reading or watching TV, and then woke up to a Monday full of mess and panic. This set me up to start the week at a disadvantage and always made me feel so behind.

I still like to enjoy my weekends and rest, but on Sunday I try to do a few things that help me “reset” and start my week out on the right foot. Doing these small things have helped me keep up with the push and pull of going to school full time, cooking for two, “keeping house”, and caring for my two pups.

1. I Use My Planner


Whether you’re a college student or in the professional world it’s likely you have deadlines for something every week in addition to other things that have to be accomplished like getting groceries, paying bills, etc.

I think the best way to combat that overwhelming “Sunday feeling” of dread and stress is to write down everything you have to do for the upcoming week and then break it down into tasks for each day. I like this strategy because it helps me relax knowing that I have a plan of attack for the week and most of all: there will be no surprises.

2. Catch Up on LaundryStockSnap_611E343F6D.jpg

This is probably a no-brainer for most people, but I was trying to do my laundry on an “as needed” basis in the past (usually when we were entirely out of towels).

Laundry is one of the worst things about adult life, you cannot change my mind. There are only two people living in this household and the amount of laundry that piles up is insane.

I really hate this chore, but most of all I hate the rush of looking for an outfit mid-week only to realize its dirty. You know that spiraling feeling when you can’t find anything to wear and you know the whole day has just gone down the drain? Yeah.

I try to do all of my laundry on the weekend in order to save time during the week and so I can know that anything I want to wear is already hanging in the closet for me. This way, I don’t have to spend a ton of time creating a random outfit out of what is actually clean.

3. Plan Meals & Order Groceries


On Sunday I usually like to sit down and think of four or five meals for the week and what ingredients I need to make them. I then get online and load up my virtual shopping cart, check out, and pick up my groceries. It’s so easy!

Ordering groceries can not only be a frugal option but can save you a lot of time and frustration.

Using Kroger’s click list online I fill my cart, load coupons, and schedule a time for pick up.

This keeps me from buying unnecessary items while browsing in the store, prevents the stress of fighting the crowds, and saves both time and money.

Kroger provides this service free for the first three times, and after that for a fee of $4.99 (I like to think it’s worth it for the money I save on unnecessary purchases!)

I know that Foodcity and Walmart also do this in certain areas. To find out, get on your local grocery store’s website (Kroger’s is called “click list”) and search to see if it is available in your area!

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Do you do something similar on Sunday? Leave a comment down below! I’m always looking for ways to make the week easier.

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