3 Habits That Will Help You Read More

If you have been following my blog recently you might have noticed I started a new series “Reading More with a Busy Schedule”. If so, welcome to my second post!

Check out my first post “Apps that Will Help You Read More”.

Reading is not everyone’s cup of tea or favorite way to spend their downtime, but if it’s yours you’ve probably thought “I wish I had more time”.

Being in college really disrupted my reading life. It’s hard to make it a priority when you have a lot of mandatory reading and assignments on top of that, but it’s possible no matter what lifestyle you live!

I might not read a book a week now, but these 3 habits have helped me get a lot more books off the shelf and into my hands.

1. Designate a Specific Time

I noticed a lot of people chose their “resolution” this year to be reading more books, which is awesome!

Reading is an important part of my life so I always set a book goal every year, but I always seem to fall behind during the school year and catch up when things slow down.

When I’m busy reading for fun takes the back burner, unfortunately. For a book lover, this is really discouraging.

However, I’ve realized that if you can find 15 minutes a day (I think we all can) and set that aside for reading, you would be surprised at what you can get finished.

Setting aside a specific time for reading can be your “me time”. This is something I usually do this right before I go to bed. Instead of scrolling on my phone until I get sleepy, I try to read a few chapters of a book.

Think of setting aside a special time during the day just for this purpose, maybe it’s during your lunch break, waiting for the bus, before bed, etc.

Every page counts, and eventually, those add up!

2. Unplug

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: we all need to put down our phones once in a while. The time spent scrolling can usually be put to better use, whether that’s reading or doing some other activity that actually benefits you.

I am notorious for “passing time” by getting on social media or looking on Pinterest while I’m between classes. I really feel like this is a waste of time and doesn’t add any value to my life, so I’ve decided to replace it.

If you’re trying to pass time on your phone like me, try picking up a book instead.

It’s so hard to find time in our lives to read or do things we enjoy because most of us have so many important things related to school, work, family, etc.

So when trying to find more time, I first take a look at the 15 minutes between my classes, the drive to the grocery store when I could be listening to an audiobook or those few minutes before I go to bed.

3. Take a Book Everywhere You Go

You never know when you are going to get those extra few minutes, so load up your Kindle or some physical books in your bag and take them everywhere you go.

If you always have books surrounding you whether on your phone in the Kindle App (check out my post on apps here) or a couple of paperbacks in your car, you are going to be more likely to pick them up when you have time.

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Have you developed any habits that have improved your reading life? Leave a comment down below! 

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